Review of “Ender’s Shadow” by Orson Scott Card

For my birthday, my loving wife gave me three new novels that she had carefully researched and selected. First among these novels was “Ender’s Shadow” by Orson Scott Card. Although the main characters are juveniles and the book is YA, it was brilliantly executed and hard to set down. Card’s main character, Bean, is psychologically very intriguing from an adult’s perspective, and the necessary suspension of disbelief is afforded very plausible explanation as the novel progresses.

Take an already very treacherous world and put its fate in the hands of young children while the adults jockey for control of the world behind the scenes and the result is a compelling work of literature for the YA and Adult markets alike. Card masterfully weaves this story, a parallel to his earlier “Ender’s Game,” (which I have not read at the time of this writing) in such a spellbinding manner that I came away with a very new appreciation for science fiction and a keen interest in reading more along that genre.

Thank you, Orson Scott Card!

(And an equally enthusiastic thanks to my wife, for without her insight, I would never have imagined such a fantastic read.)


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Storyteller, teacher, author of "Perfect Solution" and "Dire Requisite," I stand alone in the aftermath of the war on literacy, looking for other survivors ... we are out there ... somewhere.
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