Pen in hand ink tracing figures
like fingers through the sunburned sand
as the tide brings in it bears
out despairs of a landslide.

All wishes made aflame
wants all Hallowed in the sun.

Penned impasse ink tracing fingers
like figures through the mirrored glass
the unseen reflections of wicked madness do
wring anise-sorrowed color to her gilded lips.

All wishes made aflame
once all hollowed out with sun.

Pleased to see a false memory
staged in happy photos dreary
shadows of ourselves show errs
lapsed footage filled in awry —

Pleased to be made falsely happy
I forget just what it means now
when I softly say three sacred words in her mined
heart like sundered prey falls everything I wanted come undone.

All wishes set aflame
wants all Hallowed ‘neath the sun
All wishes set aflame
once now hollowed out with sun.

-Benjamin Keay © 2010


About waronliteracy

Storyteller, teacher, author of "Perfect Solution" and "Dire Requisite," I stand alone in the aftermath of the war on literacy, looking for other survivors ... we are out there ... somewhere.
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